Koji Wada

Koji Wada

--Birthday: January 29 
--Born: Fukuchiyama, Kyoto
--Blood type: B 
--Hobbies: High school baseball statistics, drawing, parties

Koji Wada made his major label debut with ""Butter-Fly"", the theme song to TV anime Digimon Adventure.
Even today ""Butter-Fly"" retains tremendous popularity both in Japan and abroad. Together with ""Butter-Fly,"" Wada's unique husky singing voice continues to enchant fans of anime songs. Wada has been responsible for singing numerous songs for virtually every entry in the Digimon series, including theme songs, background music, and ending songs. In 2000, Wada sang the Transformers theme song ""Hono no Overdrive ~ Car Robot Cybertron.""
In 2003 Wada was diagnosed with cancer. He overcame the disease and made his return to the industry in 2005.
As Wada continues to put ever more energy into his activities as an anime singer, he has begun expanding his sphere of activity overseas, including journeying to Central and South America in 2007. After his recovery from cancer, Wada continued to energetically pursue his career and pioneer new ground as an anime singer.
In October of 2011, Wada was once again diagnosed with cancer. He suspended his activities as a singer while receiving treatment.
On October 3, 2013, Wada completed two years' of treatment to once again return to the world of singing.
In January 2014, Wada joined agency SOLIDVOX, and continues to deliver dreams and music to the world as ""the immortal butterfly of anime singers."

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Animelo Summer Live 2014 -ONENESS- 8.29
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