Larval Stage Planning

Larval Stage Planning

Larval Stage Planning

A three-member unit formed with Airi Kirishima, Nami Maisaki and Rin Asami, next-generation singers of Sapporo-based music production group I've Sound.

The name Larval stage planning means 幼虫期計画 in Japanese and was decided by Takase Kazuya.

In the growth process, a variety of directions and possibilities are explored, and also with regard to music, experimental elements incorporated to recreate, and this meaning is encompassed in the name.

They handle a wide range of music from cute to hard and dark.
Because there are three members, they can handle music with all different characteristics.

They recorded “Send-off~Namida iro no sutato rain”, the first song on the I've concept album SHORT CIRCUIT III, released June 25, 2010, which they also performed live at Tokyo SHIBUYA-AX on July 19 and it was released by SAGA PLANETS on August 29. They were also responsible for the theme song, “Rolling Star☆彡”, from Kisaragi GOLD★STAR.

They made their major debut with the opening theme song “Kimi + Nazo + watashi de JUMP” from Baka to tesuto to toshokanju ni!. (Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts)

[Japanese version only]

Larval Stage Planning 1stアルバム「LSP」
TVアニメ『天体のメソッド』OP主題歌 「Stargazer」/Larval Stage Planning
TVアニメ『ハイスクールDxD NEW』OP主題歌 「Sympathy」/Laval Stage Planning
Trip -innocent of D-
TVアニメ『ハイスクールD×D』OP主題歌 Trip -innocent of D-
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