Rico Sasaki

Rico Sasaki

Birthday: 10th November
Born in Akita refecture
Management agency: TV Asahi Music

She has loved singing and music since childhood and grew up exposed to a variety of music.
When she was in her fifth grade of elementary school, she won the lead role Annie in the musical “Annie” out of about 9,000 applicants.
Since then, she has discovered a passion for singing and acting. During her high school entrance exams, she enrolled in a high school with a specialized music course, majoring in music and vocal music.

She made her debut from "Lantis" with the new single "Windshifter", releasing on 2nd May, 2024.

She has a soulful singing voice that exceeds expectations.

Rico is currently working as a voice actor.
Her representative works include “BanG Dream! Ave Mujica” (as Uika Misumi/Doloris), “RINKAI!” (as Miho Kurume), “Kiratto Pri☆chan”
(as Daia Nijinosaki), “Kageki Shojo!!” (as Ayako Yamada), “World Dai Star” (as Chisa Sasuga), and more.

[Japanese version only]

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